Based on the popular TV series Molly Monster, the film is a coproduction between Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. SluggerFilm contributes creatively by director Michael Ekblad.
Swedish voices: Stina Rautelin, Johannes Brost, Björn Gedda, Claes Ljungmark, Özz Nöjjen och Dogge Doggelito, et al.
The film will also be featured at the BUFF film festival in Malmö in 2016.
The Swedish premiere is scheduled for September 2016, distributed by Folkets Bio.
Storyline: There is big commotion in Monster Land – Molly Monster will get a new sibling! But before the egg has been hatched on Egg Island, Molly and her best friend Edison will have a lot of exciting adventures along the way…
Press release from the Berlinale