Format: Short film 28′
Created by: Melker Sundén
Directed by: Christian Ryltenius and Melker Sundén
Produced by: Sluggerfilm
Co-Producer: FISK


It’s the calm before the storm. The sun is shining in the well-to-do suburb. Eleven-year-old Melker sits high up in a tree house with his best friend Ann. Then out of nowhere – the kiss. With all the new and tempestuous emotions bubbling up, Melker is forced to question everything he had previously taken for granted. On his own. Ann is suddenly unreachable. The grown-ups, once as secure as oak trees, suddenly appear small and fragile. Classmates are no longer friends, but rivals that cannot be trusted. And when things couldn’t possibly get any worse, the angelic Peter appears on the scene, seemingly straight from hell.

The autobiographical movie MELKER is a stunningly beautiful and powerful depiction of something we all go through – that painful first step into adolescence.

About the wrenching apart of childhood, and how to survive, once the storm has passed.